Shipper's Duty

We offer the option of discounted shipping with the ability to pay later.  Trader’s have a duty when shipping to make sure their postage is correct.

The US Postal service is cracking down on insufficient postage.

Insufficient postage may happen as a result of mismeasurement of package weight or dimensions, or by placing the wrong label on the wrong package.

Insufficient postage may result in the postal service returning your item, or assessing a fee.  If a fee is assessed because of insufficient postage and you used our discounted shipping service, we will include that fee in your bill along with a surcharge to cover, at the very least, the insufficient costs and processing costs assessed by the USPS and credit card processing.

Thank you for weighing and measuring your package correctly!  By doing so, you help us charge as little as possible and offer awesome features such as discounted shipping and the ability to pay later.