How do I use the app?

  1. On your Collection tab, press the + button in the upper right hand corner to add items to the market.  Don’t worry about including shipping costs to the value of your item – just enter a value range of what you believe is fair to receive for the item.
  2. On the Market tab, look at the available items and tap one you want.  Press the “Add to Wishlist” button and enter a value.  If you value it enough compared to what the owner wants for it, the app will constantly look for trade possibilities.
  3. On the Trades tab, if there are equitable items on your Wishlist and Available list, the app will ask you to approve any of those possible trades.  As other traders upload, wishlist, and approve items, more connections will be made until the app finds accepted trades between all parties.  The trade could be between any number of people, not just 2.  That’s the magic of the service to get you the item you want!

Is my item on the Market? How do I remove an item from the Market?

Items in your collection marked as “available for trade” are on the market and seen by others.  To remove an item from the market, mark an item as “not for trade” by hitting the edit button.  Don’t edit the photos/title/description of the item trying to turn into a different item.  You may not understand why at this point, but there are a couple reasons you’ll catch onto which help everyone.

. . . Credit Card. . . ?

We use Stripe so your credit card information is secure.  None of your credit card information is stored on, nor passes through our system.  This would not be the case if we used PayPal instead of Stripe.  Stripe is new enough that not everyone knows it – its presence is mainly known by developers on the back end and less so by consumers on the front end – but I suspect in a handful of years people will say, “Why did we ever say, ‘Why Stripe?'” Stripe-vs-PayPal

How do you deal with scammers?

Scammers suck.  We know it’ll happen eventually on the app, so we’ve designed the process to prepare for such situations.  Each user inputs a credit card to back up their account.  If a user doesn’t ship an item, their credit card will be charged in accordance with our Abandoned Trade policy.

How do you calculate the Abandoned Trade policy fee?

A user has a week to ship their item.  If the user has not shipped their item (tracking is required) after one week, their credit card will be charged in accordance with our Abandoned Trade Policy.

The user that was scammed will have to exercise some patience in receiving their money.  We’ll shoot first and ask questions later, so if the (alleged) scammer makes a hasty effort to make things right, we’ll honor that last ditch effort.  (Alleged) scammers may not receive all of their money back after trying to make things right.  There are still transaction costs, and we’re not in the business of losing money because someone wasn’t raised right.  Be grateful we don’t charge for everyone’s time wasted.  We value one another’s honesty and time, which is why this app is a no haggling zone.

Couldn't a scammer input $1 as their Wishlist value and then rip someone off?

It’s a stretch.  The user would need to have multiple accounts to pull this off, so we’re aware of what to look for.  If there’s outright abuse showing an intent to create a scam, we reserve the right to charge any price we see fair so neither the users nor ourselves lose money, and we can continue to deliver a fair marketplace.

What have Beta Testers said recently? What updates are you working on?

There are some features testers don’t know we’re working on and we’re excited to share soon.  Based on Testers’ advice, we’ve also decided to add or expedite the following features: 

  1. Add item profiles.  Currently, you have to upload items you have to the market with information, but some of this information is redundant.  It would save people with the same item enough time to only focus on the information unique to their particular item.
  2. Item profiles also means you’d be able to Wishlist items not yet on the market, and encourage people to post those items they are holding hostage.
  3. This FAQ.  In a way, using the app is really simple and streamlined.  However, 3+way trading is new and different as a concept and people aren’t entirely sure how it works.  We’re not used to getting an item we want from one person, while sending something to someone else.  Adding a FAQ within the app is sage advice to assure the users of what to do.
  4. Make it clear we use Stripe.  When asking for a trader’s credit card, we did a really bad job of explaining we use Stripe to secure everyone’s information.  We don’t hold your credit card information in our database.  So, we’ll improve that information in the app soon.  If you’re wondering, “Why Stripe?”, here’s someone else’s opinion that compares Stripe to a company you’re familiar with – Paypal: