Abandoned Trade Policy

When a trader has not shipped after 7 days, the calculation for the Abandoned Trade Policy is applied as follows:

  • Total = subTotal + ccFee
  • ccFee = Credit card fee of 2.9%[subTotal + $0.30]
  • subTotal = [avg1 + max2 + I]
    • avg1 = (m + w)/2 = The average of:
      • Wishlist value entered by alleged scammer for item they received and
      • minVal of item shipped by person that was scammed
    • max2 = max{s1, s2} = The greater of:
      • Shipping paid for item scammer received
      • Shipping paid for item by person that was scammed
    • I = Inconvenience fee of 10% of (avg1 + max2)

It’s not perfect, but it will help restore most of the value to the recipient that was scammed.

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